In the Spring of 1996, goal training for the Balsta Hockey Club was difficult to do in an effective and inspiring way. Despite professional and skilled coaches,, something was missing. There were plenty of goalie-trainees, complete teams and specially chosen ‘goal-shooters’ given the task of shooting at the goalie on cue from the trainer.

The problem was that their team seldom hit the cage – the shooters were rarely in place and the experienced trainer’s muscles and joints started getting worn out from all the shots made at his trainees. The shots should be made where the trainer wants them – for example, in the vicinity of the glove, whichever hand might be in training.

“In Canada they’ve got machines for training!” someone said. “Maybe someone here in Balsta can build one?”

Goran Lilja, created a prototype completely built of wood, except the engine of course. It was a job for the carpenter – but the smith was on site to screw together prototype 2.
Prototype 2 was tested on the ice at Johanneshov Ice Arena, by Thomas Magnusson from team Djurgarden, who got a taste for it and in the autumn of 1997, the first machine in it’s completion was delivered to Balsta Hockey Club.

Paramecanics machine was named PUCCO and is now on the market in four different models. There are currently around 85 examples of PUCCO 30, PUCCO 60, PUCCO 70 and PUCCO 90 combined, in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Latvia, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia, Belarus, Ungern, Romania, France, Austria, Russia and CZ Republic.

PARAMECANIC AB, in Norrtalje is a well-established innovation company within the sport of skydiving, specialized in flight instruments and safety-mechanisms for parachutes. 45 years with this sport has resulted in 29 patented inventions. Paramecanic’s puck shooting machine for training of ice-hockey goalies is one of these.

Our machine PUCCO operates under a principal that is unique to the world. In spite of few moving parts and being lightweight, it shoots perfect shots with good precision at both long and short range. PUCCO is the only machine on the market that utilizes a gyro-stabilizer when shooting.

PUCCO 30 is a puck shooting machine that suits everyone. It is a simplified model but with the same basic construction as PUCCO 70 and 90 and it is as potent as these two.

PUCCO 30 has got one storage pipe that holds 30 pucks. The firing is done manually. Squeeze one handle and one shot will go. A practical shooting interval would be about one shot every 3:rd second. Fast returns for training could be every 2.nd second.

PUCCO 70  This machine is a follow up and a development from the original machine, PUCCO 60.  We made around 15 machines of PUCCO 60. Interest in a machine that would have variable shooting intervals and speed regulator of the revolving magazine through potentiometer made us develop PUCCO 70. 

PUCCO 70 is the machine that is most asked for and has been widely sold all over the world.

Perfect weight distribution, balance and gyro stabilizing of the whole machine is properties that helps the trainer to run a training pass with the best use of time on the ice and good quality training.

PUCCO 90 was developed in response to wishes from some leading Swedish goal keeping trainers.

Except bigger storage for pucks, PUCCO 90 has a manual fast shooting function, like the one PUCCO 30 has. That is an extra function made on top of the properties that PUCCO 70 already has.

As a coach, you can practice fast returns with the shortest possible time between shots.

So, PUCCO 90 is a combination of PUCCO 30 and PUCCO 70.

Paramecanic’s ambition is to always be available to support and offer quick service. The guarantee period for our machines is long, 2 years on the mechanics and 5 years on the electronics.

If you would like to know more about what it’s like to be a customer with Paramecanic please mail us for reference`s.

At Paramecanic you will meet lots of enthusiastic contributors; Jonas Lilja – Delivery and Start Up, Göran Lilja – Construction, Design and Development,

Jill Lilja – Marketing Manager and Contact Person,


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