FXC 12000

The FXC Model 12000 Automatic Parachute Ripcord Release is a precision device, designed for parachutists making premeditated parachute jumps.
It was designed, developed, and is manufactured by FXC Corporation,
the worlds largest manufacturer of Automatic Parachute Ripcord Releases.

The Model 12000 is completely mechanical in action - not dependent upon batteries, squibs, or pyrotechnic devices. Its design is both compact and rugged in order to withstand the service normally found in parachute jumping. The Model 12000 can be used on both the main and/or reserve of a tandem system, as well as a chest mounted reserve.

The Model 12000s function is to automatically withdraw the parachute ripcord pins in the event the parachute ripcord pins in the event the parachutist reaches the point of the units preset altitude, and for whatever reason, the parachutists rate-of-descent is exceeding 65 feet per second. Under normal conditions the Model 12000 would not operate, due to the parachutist having deployed his main chute, thus slowing his rate-of-fall below 40 feet per second, prior to reaching the Model 12000s release altitude setting.

The sensing mechanism senses the rate of fall vertically (velocity downward).

Important note: The Model 12000 has a "Safety Lockout Knob." The Jumper, before climbing into the aircraft, must turn the knob to "JUMP." If the Jump is aborted for any reason, the "Safety Lockout Knob" must be turned to "OFF." This is done to avoid any possibility of the unit firing in the rapidly descending aircraft when below the release altitude setting.