About US

Paramecanic AB became a well-reputed service company in the field of parachute ripcord release device (AAD) from the beginning. The Paramecanic was founded in 1971 in co-operation with the Swedish Parachute association in order to cover the need for periodical test and control of the parachute clubs AAD systems.

Very much have changed during these 50 years, and we have got a good understanding, know-how and experience, that we apply in our continuing development of ripcord safety release systems AAD. Knowledge used for our own parachutes as well as in student education.
We adjust, repair and control the functions of AAD in our own workshop.

Paramecanic is also authorized by the Swedish Parachute association (SFF) to test and control parachutes.

PARAMECANIC tests, makes adjustments, and repair parachute ripcord release (AAD) type KAP3, SENTINEL MK2000 and FXC 12000 and  is authorized by: The Swedish Parachute Association (SFF), The Swedish Board of Civil Aviation (Luftfartsverket), the FXC Corporation, U.S.A. and The Defense Materiel Administration of Sweden (FMV).

PARAMECANIC AB is the sole representative for FXCs in Europe and answers for functional control, adjustments, and repair but also for sales of FXC 12000. We carry spare parts for these units in our own shop, why we can give fast service to all parachute clubs in Europe.
We guarantee that the customer will benefit from the FXC´s latest construction developments. In connection with the periodical control the AAD will be brought up to date.

Paramecanic AB has also put together an education tutorial program for instructors, jump masters, and materiel responsibilities in order to guarantee that the handling of FXC 12000 as well as other AAD is carried out correctly and in a safe manner according to the FXC service shop requirements.
In our largest sub pressure chamber, with the main and spare parachute mounted on a rig, AAD can be tested in a simulated jump from e.g. 2000 meters height.

Paramecanic will always give feedback findings via test protocol to the manufactories. Materiel warnings are issued in consultation with SFF. Suggestions to changes in constructions or observations, showing insufficient quality, are also fed back to manufacturer of AAD and/or parachutes.

Paramecanic has since FXC 12000 was introduced on the marked in 1981, collected test data for each individual unit deviating observation at the periodical control 2 years. 

Paramecanic can also aid in total restoration of salt water landing AAD. Upon request, we have also made custom construction alterations and calibrations of automatic parachute AAD type KAP 3, in order to reach extremely low release levels.
SENTINEL MK2000 the electronic AAD unit is well known to the Swedish jumpers ever since the 70th. A few of these AAD are still in use and they still get the same expert going through during the yearly functional tests at Paramecanic.

As you can see from the above, we have the know-how, the experience and the civil parachute skydiver trust and confidence! We are always doing our best, so that all of us can carry out our super fantastic sport during the absolute safest conditions.

We are well equipped and ready to handle even more assignments!
Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Jill & Göran Lilja

PAM`S team also includes Jonas Lilja – trained and approved by FXC Corporation, Californien.

 On the picture below Frank Chevrier President FXC Corp and Jonas Lilja Paramecanic AB