A short description


PUCCO 90 is a PUCCO 70 and a PUCCO 30 in one machine so to speak. 

PUCCO 30 shoots fast puck returns in a high tempo – very fast – 2 pucks per second.

The pucks are fired manually only. 

In PUCCO 70 the fastest speed is 0, 7 seconds between each puck but the rate is adjustable up to 6 seconds and of course the puck rate can be set to one at a time.

PUCCO 70 advances the pucks automatically.


PUCCO 90 advances the pucks automatically or manually.

 PUCCO 90 is the most advanced of our machines.

PUCCO 30 is the basic machine.

PUCCO 70 is the most sold machine but the 90 is about to take over