Training machine for ice hockey goalkeepers



Technical Information

Measurements (excluding magazine pipes):

Length: 1200 mm
Width:    800 mm
Height: 1200 mm

Shipping volume: 0.82 m3
(Can easily be transported in a 5-door car such as Volvo or Saab. )
Weight: 90 Kg + 20 kg pall
Current: 220 V, 10 A ~, 1 phase
Speed: The speed of the puck can be adjusted from 5 to 160 km p/hr or 0 to 100 m.p.h (without preset intervals)
Capacity: PUCCO 70 has got a infinitive variable shooting tempo ranging from 10 to 60 pucks per minute. PUCCO 30 – the pucks can be shot one after the other or at a variable shooting pace. Three pucks per second without interruptions is the maximum pace.

PUCCO 90 – that machine has both a manual and electrical discharger.

There is one Pucco 30 and Pucco 70 in the same machine.

Only approved standard pucks should be used, but can be well worn. The pucks can be shot one after the other, or automatically without interval, every three seconds. The puck rotates around its axis upon being dispensed, all the way to the goal.
Safety: A red warning light, emergency stop and electric lock is provided for security. Releasing of the pucks is done through double buttons for security, using two hands.
Paint: Durable lacquer
Colour: Various options for example, club colors
Service, maintenance and reserve parts: Paramecanic AB i Norrtälje, located 5 miles north of Stockholm,
Production: Upon order. Lead-time approx. 1-2 months
Price: Quotation offered upon request

Main Components

Strong Electric engine,
RPM control (increasing without intervals)
Rotor for releasing pucks
Worm gear motor, which drives the revolving loading of pucks
Cover protecting moving parts
2 stainless steal magazine pipes containing a total of 60 pucks and 30 pucks.
The machine stands on two wheels and a third, cross-wise, double wheel adjustable for height. The wheels along with a well-balanced weight distribution provides a machine which is easily manoeuvred sideways as well as in height.

For more information download the manual for PUCCO Here.

You can also find some useful information in Bulletin1 and Bulletin2.