Training machine for ice hockey goalkeepers  


Paramecanic manufacture and sell a puck shooting machine, to use for training and education of ice hockey goalkeepers.
Puck Speed:
The speed of the puck can be adjusted between 5 - 160 km/ hour without preset intervals.
Shooting Pace:
The pucks can be shot one after the other or at a variable shooting pace. Two pucks per second without interruptions is the maximum pace.
5 years for the electronics and 2 years for the mechanics.
Delivery Time:
Approximately 1-2 months after order recognition.
The machine is built after an order is sent to Norrtälje, Sweden.
Service, maintenance and reserve parts:
Paramecanic AB in Norrtälje, located 50 km. north of Stockholm,
Manual: Download manual here.
Main Components:
Strong electric engine,
RPM control (increasing without intervals)
Rotor for releasing pucks
Worm gear motor, which drives the revolving loading of pucks
Cover protecting moving parts
A steel magazine pipe containing a total of 30 pucks
The machine stands on two wheels and a third wheel, the support wheel.
The shots are aimed by turning the machine, working with one handle in each hand.
The PUCCO 30 only has a manual discharge. Other than that it has the same data as the other machines, the same pace and fire velocity ????? 
 The wheels along with a well-balanced weight distribution makes the PUCCO 30 easily manoeuvred sideways as well as in height.
A red warning light, emergency stop and electric lock is provided for security. Releasing of the pucks is done manually with two handles.
Durable lacquer in two different colours. It is possible to get the club colours for an additional charge.
Measurements (excluding magazine pipes and steering handles):
Length: 1200 mm
Width:  800 mm
Height: 1000 mm 

Shipping volume:

0.71 m3
(Can easily be transported in a 5-door car such as Volvo or Saab. )


50 Kg


220 V, 10 A ~, 1 phase


PUCCO 30 costs SEK 31.780 :- excluding Vat/Tax